Shopping in Corralejo

The Canaries are a free trading zone, but this is not something that will be felt on your pocket as the goods are not entirely duty free and transport and storage costs are high. So you may even pay more for certain items than you would back home. However tabacco and alcohol are still very cheap. Before you buy any expensive products you should first compare the prices with those home.

Aloe Vera and Cosmetics

There are a large plantation of aloe, the lily of the desert, on the island. The Plant has well known healing properties and there is a thriving industry of aloe vera products

Arts and Crafts

One of the most popular souvenirs of the island is embroidery and you can find out more about its history in the embroidery school in Lajares or at the Casa Santo Maria in Benancuria.


Brands from the Spanish mainland are well represented and Spanish brandy is good and affordable. Craft shops sometimes also sell the local cactus liqueur.

Weekly markets

The main African markets that take it in turn in Morro Jable, Costa Calma, Caleta de Fustes and Correlejo are popular for sunglasses, bags, belts, T-shirts and the like, also for African carvings.

Remember to haggle but do avoid buying any fake brands as you could get into trouble with the law when you get home.